About Us

We are the Independent Alternative to hospital employment. We provide a new model of practice management that reduces cost and improves billing performance to allow solo and small group practices to survive, even thrive, in a challenging environment.

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Our Services

We have complete services available for the physician to walk into the office, see patients, and leave and we take care of everything else.  However, with our internal control procedures, the owner physician is still in charge.

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William H. Taylor II, CPA, MBA
Executive Director
423-648-9808 Office
423-593-1810 Cell

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Practice Management & Resources, LLC

The Independent Alternative to Hospital Employment

Practice Management & Resources was designed to give solo physicians and small group practices the resources and economies of scale of a large group practice while maintaining the physician’s control in ownership and clinical judgement. While many physicians are seeking hospital employment as a solution to the changing healthcare landscape, we believe in our alternative model of practice.

Practice Management & Resources provides a range of support services such that the physician can focus on taking care of patients and delegate the business of running a practice to us. However, the physician still maintains control through reporting and direct contact with our team. We work at the direction of the physician owner; we present business alternatives and our recommendations, but the physician makes the decisions.